Sergio Capaldo was born on the 2nd May 1953 at Fossano, in the Provence of Cuneo, a Piedmont area traditionally known for its agricultural and breeding lands.  After high school, he chooses to become a Veterinary Surgeon, and practices for many years. During this period he dedicates a lot of time in researching various aspects of rural settings, taking various trips abroad to visit cattle farms, slaughter houses and restaurants and to understand all the passages of meat from the ranch to the consumer.


In 1996 he becomes Director of the Association, and thereafter President of La Granda Breeders Consortium.  From 2004 onwards, his continuous  research for innovation leads him to take on a new role, that of entrepreneur.  During this period he is elected National Livestock Manager for Slow Food and Quality Meat Manager for the  Eataly Group, where up until today he still has an active role.


In 2004 he starts his collaboration as lecturer at the University of Gastronomical Science of Pollenzo, where he is able to pass on all his knowledge in the livestock field. His dedication to  nutritional values, brings him to devote his time to courses for those whom he considers his most sever judges:  children.


Sergio Capaldo’s entire journey in this field is to be considered a constant research, with the aim of improving all the aspects of the food industry, maintaining a high quality as well as becoming a reference point for all those who choose this lifestyle.