Sergio Capaldo guests of Geo to present Symbiotic Agriculture

On Tuesday 4th October, Sergio Capaldo, soul of La Granda and creator (with Giusto Giovannetti, CCS Aosta director) of Agriculture Symbiotic’s new model, turned up as a guest on the TV show Geo.

During the live television Sergio Capaldo will present Symbiotic Agriculture.


“Organic and biodynamic agriculture have created the path. Symbiotic agriculture is an improvement, is an evolution to make agricultural practices more sustainable, from economic point of view. Behind Symbiotic Agriculture is the use of mycorrhizae. We understand that putting microbial compound in the ground, the roots grow up a lot, with different results also for fruits of Earth and Man. The name Symbiotic outline this deep symbiotic link that you find in nature”. This is what Capaldo said during the interview with newscaster Sveva Sagramola.

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