Prime Minister Matteo Renzi visiting La Granda

Prime minister’s visit in Cuneo’s province was the occasion for La Granda, that gathers more than 80 breeders under Sergio Capaldo’s direction, to introduce itself and have a taste of its meat.

During the lunch with Prime Minister there were Sergio Capaldo, soul of La Granda, and his daughter Francesca, Coldiretti’s national president (Roberto Moncalvo), Oscar Farinetti and Giovanni Quaglia, minister Enrico Costa, vice-minister Andrea Olivero, parliamentarians Mino Tariczzo and Chiara Gribaudo and Genola’s mayor Stefano Biondi.

The menu was exclusively based on meat: La Granda’s Tartare, with oil and salt, the Gradisca, selected and marinated cut of hindquarter, Apulian bombette and the dry aged (40 days) rib eye steak to end up with ice-cream made with Piedmontese breed milk.

After the lunch Prime minister has meet La Granda’s breeders.

“I imagine Italy’s future with the same values of La Granda and Sergio Capaldo. Here, you are the pioneers of agriculture and zootechnic, you have to help me on defining the core values and we have to work together. Few steps have been made in agriculture and zootechnic but it is not enough. You’re an extraordinary reality, you have been so good, an excellence. You and us will be stronger than criticism”, Matteo Renzi said.


Also Mauro Olivero, president of La Granda Consortium, took part to debate. He asked for a meeting with Agriculture minister Maurizio Martina and Prime Minister to show the new project, Symbiotic Agriculture.


Matteo Renzi answer: “The availability is complete. We are ready to discuss and to change. We will meet at Palazzo Chigi, seat of Italian Government. I’m proud to be one of you, at least for a day”.