Le Iene came to Genola

Le Iene decide to talk about virtuous breeding and TTIP with La Granda Consortium that brings together 82 breeders in the Cuneo’s province guided by Sergio Capaldo.

On Monday 9th of June Nadia Toffa and her staff visited La Granda and made some video footage in the company and Sergio Capaldo explain his point of view about the new international treaty, the TTIP.

The visit involved also some of La Granda’s breeders: Pier Domenico Dotta, Giorgio Arnaudo, Mauro Olivero e Sergio Giordano, as they showed Piedmontese cattle breed breeding with La Granda policy document.


At the end Le Iene enjoy the Giotto, the notorious hamburger of La Granda.

The service broadcasting will be show in September.