The idea of getting together is to create a culinary movement in rediscovering the Italian traditions of quality food and wine, where the international association Slow Food is the undisputed forerunner and Eataly is the main worldwide exporter of Italian quality products.

“Eataly meets La Granda” is a place inspired by the casual and traditional dining, the kind of place called Osteria in Italy or Bistro in France.

The dining room is furnished with a simple but elegant style, with a decor that recalls the tastes of ancient taverns.

Dishes are inspired by traditional seasonal food with very high quality ingredients that describe the richness of culinary culture of this region.

You can chose between two cooking styles: the first one based on using has principal ingredient our Piedmontese meat, freshly cut by the chef according to customer needs and cooked in a wood oven Mibrasa; the second one is the “ready to eat” La Granda line, based on an easy and fast way to serve dishes that normally require a long and laborious process in preparation.

The objective is to promote the consumption of quality food, with an emphasis on meat, and to rediscover traditional dishes that are disappearing, combining tradition and innovation, two rules that distinguish La Granda’s philosophy.

In the restaurant customers also have the opportunity to purchase products of Italian excellence, which are located in all Eataly stores, La Granda meat cuts, La Granda salami and La Granda ready to eat line.




La sede de "La Granda