“He will cook you for the holidays”

La Granda’s cooking classes are back. Chef Luca Cantu is ready to take his place in the kitchen where “He will cook you for the holidays”.

There are 12 available stations to feel the experience of chef work and 3 lessons to learn a typical Christmas menu.

With the class “Ti cucino per le feste”, protagonists of cooking world, food-lovers, gastronomic fans or curious, under the direction of Chef Luca Cantu, will be lead to the discovery of perfect dishes to impress your guest during Christmas time.


Here’s the schedule:

• On Thursday, 1 December – Appetizers and first courses

• On Wednesday, 7 December – Main courses

• On Thursday, 15 December – Desserts


Lessons start at 6.30 pm and in every single lesson there will be a theoretical and practical part. The participants, under the chef’s lead, will study the basic culinary techniques and cook some tasty recipes, that could be eaten at the end of the lesson.

Every single lesson will cost 70€, full course 200€.


For further information and reservation contact number 340 3636237 or write an email at ufficiostampa@lagranda.it